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Looking to PR your next race? Or finally recover from that nagging injury that has been holding your mileage back? A comprehensive running evaluation can be the answer to pushing your performance to the next level.

At Onward Atlanta we specialize in helping runners reach their health and fitness goals. Whether you’re a veteran to the sport or just recently picked it up, having your running form evaluated by an expert has a host of benefits. Here are our top five reasons that you should get a running evaluation!

1. Unlocking Performance that is Currently Being Left on the Table

Having your running and gait analysis performed in real time allows us to pin point your body’s movement capacity and find the “leaks” in your performance. Through video analysis from multiple angles, we capture a detailed, comprehensive story of how your body moves to give you the resources for maximal performance.

A running evaluation will look at your overall running biomechanics, cadence assessment, hip drop, vertical oscillation, and arm swing/trunk rotation to name a few. By having these objective factors analyzed, you will have a clear picture into what areas need to be addressed to unlock your full running potential.

A great example of this can be seen in runners that overstride. When athletes take elongated steps during the gait cycle they end up landing with their foot contacting far in front of the body. Essentially this creates a bit of a braking force, slowing down the runner. This type of landing increases ground reaction forces as the foot strikes the ground with each stride. By correcting form here, the athlete will increase running speed and decreased unnecessary stressors.

Runner exhibiting an over-striding fault

2. Understanding Why You’re Dealing with Recurrent Injuries

New and/or old injuries coming up like clockwork during your running? With a running evaluation, you can discover exactly why this is happening. Our body will complete whatever task we ask of it. But often times, it completes this task in an inefficient way.

At Onward Atlanta, we methodically look at your compensatory strategies and attack them with specific strengthening or running drills for your needs. For example, we often see a lack of adequate strengthening in a runner’s current program that are leading to issues in their running, like achilles tendonitis or shin splints. Whatever it may be, we’ll be sure to leave past injuries in the past.

A common running technique error is a “hip drop” due to insufficient strength surrounding the hip/pelvis. When we see the pelvis drop below the desired level, we commonly see problems with low back, hip, knee, or other lower extremity pain. But with specific performance drills, we can drastically improve this fault!

Athlete demonstrating lateral hip weakness resulting in a hip drop

3. Reduce Your Risk of Future Injuries

We catch many running form errors before they become a new future injury. By cleaning up your running form, strengthening your specific weaknesses, and performing corrective running drills, you significantly decrease your risk of future injuries. Get back to enjoying your running without fear of damage or injury. With a running evaluation, you will have the tools are resources to combat future injuries. That is what we like to call bulletproof running!

4. Prolong Your Running

With decreased risk of injury, you inevitably can prolong your running. Whether you want to extend your running career professional or recreationally, or increase your running distance and speed, a running evaluation is vital to a runner’s health. By understanding what modifications may be most beneficial to implement if you’re currently dealing with an injury, or wanting to run while pregnant, you can break down the walls that are slowing down or inhibiting your running with a well-developed evaluation and consultation from an expert.

5. Get Back Control Over Your Running

With in-depth knowledge over what individualized needs your running requires, you will have a full understanding over your pain and can control it’s variables. Be the athlete you deserve to be and be better than just baseline. A lot of clinicians focus on getting you back to your “pre-injury” level. We don’t believe that works. That pre-injury level was the level in which you got hurt. At Onward Atlanta, we focus on getting you to a more resilient level that can conquer the demands of you running. Ready to enjoy running again, to unlock maximum performance, and level up your training? Check out more info about our Onward Atlanta Running Evaluation and free resources, or schedule today!